Factors to consider before buying an Espresso maker

Are you happy with your coffee maker?  Or you might have bought one which isn’t good for brewing coffee? It is good to have second thoughts when you are planning or about to buy an espresso maker. Many people feel helpless when they can’t be able to decide which one is best? And after they made a purchase, the above questions haunt them.

See, they aren’t free and investing in them without checking out other options isn’t a good thing. Coffee Dorks have a good list of the most efficient espresso machines and the features you should look for in order to avoid some common mistakes when purchasing.

Easy to use

How many times does it feel like the machine you bought belongs to future or vice versa? I know automated machines are user-friendly but not all of them. It is important to get right model build with the good quality raw material.  You should look at the “convenience” factor at first and think about other things later.

There many simple machines that can make cappuccinos, a complicated drink with just the push of a button. Look at the programmable setting as well and buy the one which offers good features.

Easy to clean

You have to clean the machine after you are done with your business, but sometimes espresso machines aren’t easy to clean. It is true that you need to have knowledge about the right cleaning product and methods, but some machines have complicated built.

If you go with a machine having lots of features, then it will take you long to clean it. Manual one is best because they have fewer features and can be cleaned in minutes.


When it comes to price range, then it is huge, and the difference can be made by many factors.  Advance models cost more than the less-advanced model. However, expensive one offers quality as well as durability. Keep in mind that price has to do a lot with features as extra features mean costly espresso machine.

Well, if you are concerned about the taste more than convenience than you must go with manual machines. They are considered best for tasty brewing coffee.  However, if you prefer easy to use machines over manual one the go with automated one.


Majority of espresso machines comes with a warranty, and thus they are durable. You need them every morning to make coffee, and thus they should be durable no matter what. Brand reputation along with customer base can be considered as this would give you a better idea of the brand.

The high-quality raw material should be used to make the machine or else it isn’t going to be durable.

Other than this, look at the size factor also because you want it to be fit in your kitchen. If an espresso machine is handy, then one can take it wherever they go. In all, don’t only pay attention to its types but think about the above factors as well. Use your money wisely and do not put it in low-quality products.

You deserve a great cup of coffee for which you need a quality espresso machine.